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To provide a free, easy to use, comprehensive financial planning tool that forecasts the specific effect your decisions have on savings goals.

  1. Gather the minimum amount of information needed for an insightful personal financial forecast.
    • Organize input fields with a logical flow that can be quickly navigated.
    • Provide instructive input field descriptions that can be viewed only as needed.
  2. Craft a financial engine that forecasts cash flows based on gathered information.
    • Include detailed federal and state income tax codes, including applicable rates, brackets, deductions, exemptions and adjustments.
    • Differentiate taxation and limitations of savings account types.
    • Include basic strategies for optimizing use of tax advantaged accounts.
    • Include calculations for Social Security benefits, expense scaling based on changes in family size, estimated college financial aid, PMI penalty, etc.
    • Structure platform for ease of continuous improvement based on user feedback.
  3. Summarize calculations into a set of forecasts that visualize a financial future.
    • Provide charts along with tables for both a qualitative and quantitative evaluation.
    • Show input fields side-by-side with forecasts to immediately show the effect of a changed a decision/assumption.
    • Allow for a transparency that helps educate why a given input change has the subsequent forecast effect.

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